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Location: Amy And Sean Privet Ceramone in Maui Hawaii, Then off to Oruro Honeymoon on the Disney Cruise for a week, then comming back to Green Bay to Celabreat our wedding with family and friends At prime Quater.

Time: In Green Bay  At the PrimeQuater @ 5:30p.m.

Date: In Green Bay  08/21/2016

2001 at Preble High School when I was a 10th grader. I meet him when I was with my mom checking out at Cub Foods. He was a bagger. When I first saw him I was like holely shit is he hot looking. Then I know I had to get his attching. It took awhile. But I finely got his phone number. We went to school dances. And we hanged out like everyday After school. The he Graulated in 2002. I still had 2 years left of high school. That when it got hard to see each other. Then I finialy granulated in 2004. From there it got a bit bumpe. We had our ups and downs. we slit up like 3 or 4 times. We had a place of our own for like 6 monthThe then we spit up because of one of his friends that I don't want to name. he was around to much. I never got to see Sean. so now he lives with his mom and dad and I live with just my mom. But now in December 24th he prose to me at the Prime Quater. We are going strong from there to now. Can't wait till he have a place of our own.